It is our desire to provide these links that you may look at more information concerning the social and spiritual issues that we have portrayed in our site and those which we believe are important resources.


The views on these sites do not necessarily portray the views of our church.

Here is a site that will help to keep you informed concerning social issues that should concern all true Christians.


Christians should visit Justice at the Gate which raises civic awareness – Learn to pray effectively and to vote righteously.


American history from it’s Christian roots without the revisonist rewrites.


Here is a site if you would like to further research the truths of Biblical Creation.


For more information about the age of the earth;


This site offers a wealth of articles for the evidence for Jesus Christ: Answers in Genesis, a resource you can rely on post the evidence to a vaiety of guestions such as, Is Jesus Really God? – What is the evidence that Jesus Christ ever existed? – Did Jesus really rise from the dead? – Was Christ really born of a virgin? – Did Jesus fulfill any prophecies? – Was Christianity just copied from pagan mythology? – As well as other topic.  As well as links to secular resources with additional evidences that support the Biblical stand.


A great online resource with thousands of scientific facts, disproving every basic area of evolution theory which most people do not know.


Creation Museum And Family Discovery Center in Petersburg, KY


Here is a site that reveals scientific evidence to refute the information put out by gay activist concerning homosexuality.


Here is a site if you are interested in purchasing Christian literature or witnessing material.


You can be a witness for Christ.  Visit this site to order free gospel tracts for distribution.


If you are looking for material to strengthen the family and other relationships we recommend this site.


To those people who by conviction name themselves and hold to the historic Baptist faith.  This site has a wealth of alticles, information and study aids on today’s current issues.


Test your Christian Worldview

Online “How To Book”