Chapter 10 – The Seven Trumpets – Part 3 (The book and the thunder)


To recap what has happened this far in this matter of things yet to come we have seen in the opening of the seven seals the introduction of Anti-Christ and the beginning of his consolidation of power. We have seen also the open initiation of the wrath of the Lamb of God and the world trembling at the coming of His wrath. We then, after the sealing of the 144,000 Israelites and the vision of the glorified body of the saints, noted the awe inspiring sounding of the trumpets which were a warning to an ungodly world to turn from their ungodly ways. One third of the food supply and commerce and fresh water supply was destroyed. The trumpet warning from almighty sounded and men continued in sin. God allowed the world to get a taste of Hell and in five months of torment they wished for death and yet they continued in their sin. God then released the powers of Hell in the Middle East and in the Tribulation Wars and one third of the world’s population died. Yet ungodly man continued in their sin. God had in His grace gave man a space to repent and they would not repent. The world population has been reduced to less than 50% and the survivors are living in squalor and misery and yet they grope after sin and embrace Anti-Christ. Now before the last trumpet sounds God responds to an unrepentant man. If there would have been a revival in this world it may have played out different. Judas was given space to repent when Christ said to him “one of you shall betray me” and instead of repentance He said “Is it I?” Judas went forward to apostasy and now is forever in his own place. So shall it be with the unrepentant world. If they would have responded to grace the story would have been different. But, now it shall happen to those men as it was written and foreordained.

The theme of this chapter appears to be the declaration of God’s intention and right to take possession of the earth, as many great men of God have pointed out. There is a mighty angel of God that stands on both land and sea and thunders the title deed of God to a wicked world. More particularly this chapter is the declaration of God that there is no more time left for mankind.

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