Chapter 11 (A Tale of Two Temples) The Seven Trumpets Part 4


What we have here is somewhat retrospective in the sense that it is looking back to what has happened in Jerusalem since the beginning of the 70th week of Daniel until the end of the tenth chapter where the seventh angel was going to sound the final trumpet. Other than the sealing of the 144,000 Israelites, there has been no specific mention of the Jews or any specific mention of the state of Israel and Jerusalem. But since the day in which Abraham offered Isaac upon the altar upon Mount Moriah (maybe even sooner than that – all the way back to Eden), Jerusalem and the temple mount has been the focal point of history. The 70 weeks of Daniel itself is centered on events in Jerusalem and the temple itself (Dan. 9).

This chapter focuses in on Jerusalem to build the context of the sounding of the final trumpet. It also introduces the actual temple in heaven of which the earthly temple was only after its pattern. I have called this chapter a tale of two temples. One thing prophetically that is significant about this chapter is the fact that there will indeed be a temple in Jerusalem in the 70th week of Daniel. It may be connected with the covenant that the Antichrist makes with many for that seven years (Dan. 9:27). Maybe, as some have postulated, there will be a deal to allow the Jewish temple to be built alongside of the Dome of Rock. Maybe this will be the ultimate result of the supposed “two state solution” that the politicians have sought for the last few decades. Maybe the Dome of the Rock will be destroyed in the wars during the seals or trumpets and the temple will be built in its place. However it happens there will be a temple built. The Jews since A.D. 70 and the sacking of Rome by Titus has been looking for their third temple. Unlike Abraham that sought a city built by God the latter day Jews look for an earthly city and an earthy temple. Since the Jews gained control of the Jerusalem in 1967 they have been preparing to have a temple. It will happen and our text is the prophetic proof of that fact; there will be a third temple.