Chapter 18 (The two-fold fall of Babylon – the second fall – the economic and material fall of Babylon) The Coming of the Son of Man Part 4


We have seen the spiritual and relational fall of Babylon. She had put all her hopes in her relation to the beast and led the world in adoring him only to find in the end that both the world and the beast despised and discarded her; or worse, they stripped her  naked, spoiled her goods, and burned her with fire. She fell from her place of spiritual immanence to a place of spiritual emptiness and desolation; all because she rejected her God and fell into her great apostasy. This chapter takes a different look at the twice fallen city. There is a material and political reach to Babylon that will yet be mourned by this world after they destroy it. God will judge the whore by the hands of men and the effect of the loss will be felt in heaven and earth.