Chapter 6 – The Seven Seals – Part 1

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We have now left the scenes of heaven to focus again on the things of earth. The book is in the hands of the Lamb now and He is going to break the seals of the book. He as the mediator between God and man brought man to God in the matter of salvation and again as the mediator between God and man He will bring the judgment of God to mankind. Four is the number of this earth and the first four seals bear the four horseman of the apocalypse which begin to bring sorrow and angst to this earth. With the breaking of the seals we see the first earthly events proceeding from the hidden counsels of God; the first earthly events of the things yet to be. From those proceeds the wrath of man which creates the catalyst for the wrath of God. Mankind in their great warrior of whom they sung (a mighty hunter before the Lord as in Gen. 10 or who is able to make war with beast as in Rev. 13) rode proudly on the first horse but before the final seal is broken we find the whole of humanity hiding from the face of the Lamb.

Each of the seals begins with the two simple facts; they were each opened by the Lamb and they were each seen by the inhabitants of heaven. We cannot repeat this fact enough; that which is written in this book is affected by Christ. That which comes from the seals being opened comes by the direction and control of Christ. Christ is honored by all that happens; even antichrist. Judgment was committed to Him and He will execute with faithfulness, justice, and wisdom and we will marvel at it. Thus the cherubim direct the saints again this time to behold the work of Christ on earth. “Come and see!” they cried. I love the work of the cherubim leading the saints by the hand in their ministry in heaven; directing them not only to behold the God of wonders but also to behold the wonders themselves. They are directed to the molten sea where they may behold the victory of Christ upon earth. The promise of many of the psalms was that the saints would rejoice at the conquering of Christ and we see that wonderfully in the little phrase filled with awe and excitement; “Come and see.” (Note: I am not sure if any significance can be given to this observation but it should be noted that the first four seals are announced by specific cherubim. The first beast which takes the form of lion announces the first seal, the second beast which is likened unto an ox announces the second seal, the third beast which is likened unto a man announces the third seal, and the fourth beast which is likened unto a flying eagle announces the fourth seal.) Some of the things we will behold may, when taken by themselves be hard things filled with suffering and pain but when we view it as it fits into the whole we will see that Christ does all things well. With that said, let us take a look at the seven seals out of which will proceed the seven trumpets out of which will proceed the seven bowels of wrath out of which will bring our Savior to this earth.

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