Chapter Two & Three – Introduction (Rev. 2:1-3:22)


The Revelation of Jesus Christ

Seven Churches

Rev. 2:1-3:22




We now come to our topic of the seven churches. These are seven local and visible New Testament churches in our text which tell us exactly what the nature of the church as an institution is in this present age. We have already seen what the churches are meant to be with Christ their midst. They are to be lights for this world and their preachers are to be stars for Him, guiding men in the way to Christ. Now we will deal with the seven churches of Asia. In each instance the same things emerge. The pastor of each church is addressed, Christ is declared, the state of the church is revealed, a commandment is given, a promise is made, and an invitation is extended. These six things make up the outline for each church. In some cases the state of the church is good and no rebuke is needed. In most cases the state of the church is lacking and a call to repentance is given. I will simply preach the state of all churches and pray that the Lord will apply the message most needed to our church through His Spirit. I believe they will all apply in certain instances. The church in this age stands in need of the dual message of repentance and encouragement. And in every church the promise to the overcomers (which are those who are truly saved within the churches) is needed and the invitation for us to open our ears and hear the words of the Holy Spirit is needed as well.

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